Extending the world of Maker technologies for:






Have you been looking for ideas for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) that involve a combination of software and hardware? 


Do you want to need standards-aligned content for your class?


Is cost an important factor in deciding which classroom kits to obtain?




Great prices on controllers and kits.  We specialize in specific components:

·         Arduino

·         Raspberri PI


Plus, if you are leaning more towards software than hardware, AutomaticArts can pre-build most any kit for you.  Quality guaranteed.


Club Coming Soon: Kit subscription available for grown-up kids:  Get 6 kits over a year, one every two months.


Free U.S. Postal Service Priority Shipping for orders over $10, while limited shipping coupons last.



The Maker Movement is not just for electronics hobbyists.  When it comes to designing and building creative, reliable, and inexpensive computerized art installations, these technologies are a great tool.


We bring together some wonderful tools for electronically managing light, sound, and motion.

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